1001 Inventions launched exhibition in Riyadh

Published Date: 
20 August 2014

Riyadh, KSA, 29 July 20141001 Inventions launches award-winning exhibition in Riyadh for a one-month residency.

The 1001 Inventions exhibition in Riyadh is a main attraction at Saudi Aramco’s iThra Knowledge Programme – one of the programmes organized by King AbdulAziz Center for World Culture. The exhibition, which was declared the world’s best by the European museums Industry, will be open at the Riyadh International Convention and Exhibition Centre until the 29th of August 2014.

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The exhibition themed “Discovering Our Past – Inspiring Our Future” highlights a thousand years of scientific, technological and cultural achievements from the seventh century onwards, a period known as the “Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation” stretching from Spain to China.

Exhibitions produced by 1001 Inventions have already received more than five million visitors at blockbuster residencies in cities around the world breaking visitor number records in LondonNew YorkLos AngelesWashington DCDohaAbu Dhabi  Istanbul, Jeddah, Dhahran, Hassa, Kula Lumpur and in Sweden.

Ahmed Salim, Producer and Director of 1001 Inventions, said: “This is an important day. We have the honour of bringing one of our interactive award-winning science exhibitions to this wonderful city thanks to the fruitful partnership between 1001 Inventions and the King AbdulAziz Center for World Culture and Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initatives.”

1001 Inventions productions highlight the role of men and women of different faiths and cultures that worked together in Muslim Civilisation, building upon the knowledge of ancients civilisations, and helping to make breakthroughs that have left their mark our lives today.

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This Riyadh exhibition features a diverse range of exhibits, hi-tech games, interactive displays and science theatre that bring to life historic role models from Muslim Civilisation aiming to serve as inspirations for young people in Saudi Arabia to pursue careers in science and technology.

Visitors have the opportunity to enjoy interactive exhibits that reproduce some of the most astounding inventions of the Golden Ages and demonstrates the broad influence that Muslim Civilisation has had on the way we live our lives today.

Guests enter the exhibition after watching the award-winning short film – 1001 Inventions The Library of Secrets, starring the Oscar-winning Sir Ben Kingsley will welcome visitors to the exhibition. Winner of 27 international awards, the film reflects the rich scientific and cultural heritage left by Muslim Civilisation for today's generations.

The exhibition is created by the UK based organization ‘1001 Inventions’ which works with a network of high profile international partners and the world’s leading academics to produce world-class experiences, blockbuster interactive exhibits, short feature films, live shows, books and classroom learning materials that are being used by hundreds of thousands of educators around the world.  

Ahmed Salim noted that “by celebrating the creative golden age of Muslim Civilisation, ‘1001 Inventions’ aims to inspire ambition in people to find solutions to the grand societal challenges of today, and a build better future for the World.”

Opening hours

  • Everyday from 5pm till midnight

Free Admission to all visitors


Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Center
2446 King Abdullah Rd
Riyadh 12451, Saudi Arabia

About Us

1001 Inventions

1001 Inventions is an award-winning educational organisation that is leading an exciting international effort to celebrate the scientific and cultural legacy of the Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation.

1001 Inventions produces world-class experiences, blockbuster exhibitions, short feature films, live shows, books and learning products that are being used by hundreds of thousands of educators around the world.

1001 Inventions is globally recognised for its ability to communicate science and inspire young people and has reached over 100 million people around the world including over 33 million viewers of its films and more than 5 million visitors to its exhibitions. 

This award-winning exhibition comes to Riyadh following successful residencies in major world cities and breaking visitor records at prestigious institutions including the London Science Museum, New York Hall of Science, National Geographic Museum in Washington DC, California Science Centre, Jeddah, Dhahran, Doha, Hassa, Istanbul, Sweden, Sharjah and Kula Lumpur.

Saudi Aramco’s iThra Knowledge Programme

The iThra Knowledge Program serves as a stunning showcase for talents from across the Kingdom and around the globe. iThra Knowledge serves as one of the most successful outreach programs in Saudi Aramco’s history. Developed in conjunction with Saudi Aramco’s King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, the cultural program welcomed two million visitors Kingdom-wide in 2012.

Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC)

The Foundation for Science, Technology and Civilisation (FSTC) is the academic and knowledge partner for 1001 Inventions. FSTC is an international network of historians, scientists, engineers, educationalists and museum professionals working to popularise awareness of the historic roots of science. By highlighting role models from the past and how their achievements and inventions live on in the modern world, FSTC aims to inspire young people to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Further information is available on FSTC's popular website: www.FSTC.org.uk.

Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives

Abdul Latif Jameel Community Initiatives (ALJCI) is a strategic partner for 1001 Inventions. ALJCI is the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the ALJ Group, which is a Toyota automobiles distributor in 13 different countries. ALJCI plans and operates numerous global programs, such as poverty-alleviation initiatives, artistic and educational projects and technology innovation grants, including a long history of scholarships for students at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. For more information please visit ALJCI website: www.aljci.org