BSA presents prestigious award to Dr Anne-Maria Brennan

Published Date: 
17 October 2014

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The British Science Association (BSA) awarded Dr Anne-Maria Brennan with the Sir Walter Bodmer Award. Dr Anne-Maria Brennan is board member of FSTC and Chairperson of CE4tF.

The Sir Walter Bodmer Award is given to acknowledge the contribution members make by giving up their time to advance the aims of the BSA, which  works to develop links between scientists of all disciplines and the public so that advances in science can be understood.

Dr Brennan was this year's winner of the award because of her passion and commitment to the BSA and public engagement with science for over 30 years. She received the award by renowned human geneticist, Sir Walter Bodmer, himself at a reception during the British Science Festival in Birmingham.

Judging panel member and British Science Festival Manager, Joanne Coleman said: "I have had the pleasure of working quite closely with Anne-Maria over the last 14 years, and have been impressed by her passion and commitment to promoting not only her own areas of research, but science in general; and to spreading the word to hard-to-reach audiences. She thoroughly deserves to be recognised in this way and her surprise, delight and pride in getting the award was heart-warming."

Accepting the award, Dr Brennan said: "I'm delighted to have won the award, not least because it demonstrates that the Association recognises the efforts of scientists throughout Britain who acknowledge the importance of science in our daily lives and seek to show its cultural value. However, it feels slightly odd to get a prize for doing something you enjoy so much."