MACFEST: Women in Science, Medicine and Management in Muslim civilisations

Published Date: 
14 January 2020

by MACFEST - Muslim Arts and Culture Festival.

About this Event

In this presentation, Prof Salim Al-Hassani will address a hitherto little-known history of women in the development of science, technology, medicine and management in Muslim civilisations.

Examples of these women include: Zubaida, who funded and managed a gigantic project of constructing caravanserais all along the road from Baghdad to Makkah; Sutaita Al-Mahamli, a jurist and mathematician; Dhaifa Khatoon, who assumed multiple roles in governance; Fatima al-Fehriya, who donated and project managed the construction of Al-Qarawiyyin Mosque in Fez, Morocco, which became first university in the world and Meryam al-Ijliya, who designed and made astrolabes.

Salim Al-Hassani is President of the Foundation of Science, Technology and Civilisation (UK), Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Professorial Fellow in Humanities at the University of Manchester. He was awarded a Fellowship of the British Science Association for his work on Science within Muslim culture. He founded the portal:

Introduced by Steven Leech.