Conferences and Lectures

As well as continuing with large-scale initiatives, FSTC conducts outreach activities through conferences, festivals and lectures, as both host and guest. FSTC has organised small exhibitions at the UK Houses of Parliament, the EU Parliament and the United Nations in New York. FSTC has also sponsored a research project culminating in an exhibition by The Royal Society, London, entitled, “Arabick Roots” revealing the connections of the early fellows of the society with Arabic, Turkish and Persian science.

In May 2010, FSTC hosted an International Conference on ‘Muslim Heritage in Our World’ at the Science Museum, London. High profile academics from around the globe attended the conference to debate different themes relating to Muslim heritage and its relevance to today. In June 2011, there was a session at the Cheltenham Science Festival where Professor Jim Al-Khalili hosted an interactive talk bringing the experiments in the Library of Secrets film to life.

The FSTC Speakers Bureau makes speakers, academics and role models available to schools, community groups, universities, the media and others to:

  • Help promote greater understanding of the contributions made by lesser known cultures and civilisations, especially the Muslim Civilisation.
  • Inspire people to raise their own aspirations.
  • Present voices committed to social cohesion, inter-cultural appreciation and tolerance within society, schools, universities and prisons.

Ahmed Salim, Co-Founder and Director of 1001 Inventions, at the launch of the World of Ibn al-Haytham, UNESCO HQ, Paris.