Lecture: Women of Science, Medicine and Management in Muslim Civilisation

Published Date: 
22 February 2019


Public Lecture By Prof. Salim Al-Hassani

About this Event

This presentation aims to give a few anecdotes on exemplary early women from Muslim Civilisation who were engaged in science, medicine, jurisprudence and management.

In view of the meager information on such women and the growing importance of the subject of gender and women in society, this presentation aims to bring forth some important information in the hope of initiating debate and start a process of unearthing what could be a most significant find.

Examples of these women include: Early companions of the Prophet (PBUH) (such as Al-Shifa bint Abdullah, Nusayba bint Harith al-Ansari and Rufayda al-Aslamiyya) and latter women achievers such as Sutaita al-Mahamli of Baghdad, Dhaifa Khatoon of Aleppo, Fatima al-Fihriya of Fez- Morocco, Maryam al-Ijliya of Aleppo, Labana of Cordoba, Sitt al-Mulk of Tunisia, Shajarat al-Durr of Cairo, Razia Sultana of Delhi, Amina of Zaria (Nigeria), Zubayda bint al-Mansur of Baghdad, Hürrem Sultan of Istanbul and many other powerful Ottoman women, ...etc.

It is hoped that this presentation enthuses women of today to fully participate in all aspects of societal development, without having to compromise their traditional values and ethics.


Please note that there will be an informal reception before the event, starting at 5:30 pm, where we will be serving refreshments and snacks. We would be grateful if you could RSVP so that we can cater for you.

Also, there will be a small exhibition of manuscript images related to the topic of the lecture.

The Evening's Programme

5.30 - 6.00 Reception and exhibition

6.00 - 6.15 Welcoming words

6.15 - 7.00 Keynote lecture by Prof. Salim Al-Hassani on "Women of Science, Medicine and Management in Muslim Civilisation"

7.00 - 7.30 Discussion

7.30 Closing of the event


Dress code: not applicable

Refreshments: from 5.30 to 6.00 pm

Invitation: for you and a guest


Salim T S Al-Hassani is President of the Foundation of Science, Technology and Civilisation (UK) and Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering and a Professorial Fellow in Humanities at the University of Manchester. He was Awarded Fellowship of the British Science Association for his work on the promotion of Science within Muslim culture.

Founder of the portal: www.Muslimheritage.com; Published numerous papers in international journals and books; Editor of the book “1001 inventions: The Enduring Legacy of Muslim Civilization”, which is published by National Geographic, with a forward by HRH Prince Charles; Received numerous international awards and was repeatedly mentioned amongst the world’s most influential 500 Muslims in the category of Science and Technology, UK.