The basis of FSTC’s work is content provision through primary research from original manuscripts currently residing in archives and libraries around the world, and secondary research building on existing publications. Our researchers focus on inventions from the Muslim civilisation that have a lasting impact on the present world.

Research is conducted in several ways: 

  • Researchers employed directly by FSTC write-up their own research and also collate other work from FSTC’s large network of academic peers, friends and associates.
  • Research Fellows are regularly contracted to conduct research into a specific field.
  • Previously published relevant research is adapted and permissions to use and publish copyright material are obtained.
  • Through collaborative research projects with international universities, including the University of Aleppo’s Institute for the History of Arabic Science with which FSTC has a long standing relationship and Memorandum of Understanding.
  • Research into teaching and learning methods and technologies are commissioned by experts from within the network of the Foundation and through Curriculum Enrichment Ltd.

This research is then disseminated in different formats through our projects and initiatives to spread our mission of promoting social cohesion, inter-cultural appreciation and respect to as wide an audience as possible. These include:

- 1001 Inventions
- The Muslim Heritage Awareness Group (MHAG)
- Curriculum Enrichment
- Conferences and Talks